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Intelligent Control Over the Resources. (+IDTCM)

Our suite of algorithms that work on a thread level take control of key parts of the Linux kernel to better manage resources.

  • Fewer CPU cycles are wasted doing kernel management routines
  • More cycles are available to the important app with better distribution and sequencing

For more info, you can ask us to send you our one-page white paper. 

– send us an email to [email protected] with the subject line:

MORE INFO – ‘white paper’

The programmers will not need to change anything while programming. 

The user will notice all the benefits, no tech experience needed, no tweaking, no nothing, just enjoying.

No, the solution its totally no dependant on any app and it’s 100% transparent.

We improve Android battery life between 10%-55% depending on the use and conditions you use the phone (app, temperature …)

While maintaining a nearly perfect smooth fluidity, 60fps frame rate for the UI.

It adapts to each use, user and conditions and terminal.

In our path to improve even more the performance, we are in the process of moving some part of the tech to a specific hardware design from the ground.

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All our solutions are plug & play (easy to integrate and can be implemented right away in a short time), transparent to the final user and very scalable; unfortunately… this is not an app that you can download from the Google play store.

All our beta tester spots are full at the moment, soon we will be open a few more spots, if you would like to be consider to one of them:

– send us an email to [email protected] with the subject line:

BETA TESTER – ‘@yourname/nick’ 

some info about your background

and why will you want to be part of our ABTT (Awesome Beta Tester Team).

– or contact us using our contact form.

Price; let us ask you the question. – How much will you be willing to pay to have nearly perfect fluidity and extra 30% battery average everyday?

Technically any phone running Android; we have the tech running in mobiles from 2013 onwards.
With this technology we can make old and low-end cheap phones perform better than newer stock Android phones.

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Other Questions

i.onDroiD was a great name when the technology was running only on Android devices but now we are moving far beyond Android world, so we needed a new name for the company that represents everything we can cover and everything we do, and that name is… ionic AI.

IC = Integrated Circuits

AI = Artificial intelligence


If you still have a question please:

– send us an email to [email protected] with the subject line:

QUESTION – ‘the question in your mind’

– or contact us using our contact form.

* BSC-CNS | Barcelona Supercomputing Center – Centro Nacional de Supercomputación

Our goal is to become the leaders in our area, in order to do that we need some of the best people in this field. Some of the top members of BCN-CNS and UPC really like the project and they have shown their willingness to enter the project, we are now finalising the conversations with them.


* Barcelona Activa – Pre-Aceleracio

We have been chosen as one of the top ten startups in Barcelona to represent the 1st edition of this program for deep tech companies with very high technological potential.  The other 9 great companies work in sectors such as: biotechnology, bioscience, AR, block chain, neural nets, big data, super materials, and robotics…




Our predictive algorithms work on a thread level in the scheduler and specifically adapted to the different platform needs.

Some of the tech that can benefit greatly from our solution:

  • Datacenter
  • IoT
  • AR/VR
  • ….

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