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We bring the future of mobile computing to everyone

"I have been using the kernel for just about a week or so now, and I am spellbound with this kernel's performance! I mean this governor, Precognition, it's just like a magic button of smoothness! Everything works so smooth that it feels like sometimes whether I am running Android or not!"

"Infuse intelligence into the system so you forget about "the system". A big system shift from a model where people adapt to computers to one where the computer will increasingly adapt to peoples needs and desires.                                                                                                                           .


Enjoy your content longer and better.

You don’t need the latest SOC to have a pleasant experience watching a video, even a low-end cheap phone with ionic AI tech will do a better job than an Android stock Pixel phone.

Never lose a frame again.

With a nearly perfect fluidity, you will experience gaming like never before using a third of the resources. So much power that your game will come to life.

Feel happy while using your phone.

An intelligent system means you will forget about it and it will adapt to you, the new word for lag will be smooooooth.

Q: Do you have questions about the tech behind all the magic?

A: Check our FAQ section.

ionic AI - Control over chaos W

Some words about us

Our company was founded as an entity in Barcelona in early 2016 by three business partners coming from different professional backgrounds (Software, Engineering, Legal), to provide performance-enhancing solutions to the booming smartphone sectors.

We share a deep passion for designing and developing bleeding-edge technological solutions that bring real measurable benefits to people's daily lives & commercial benefits to the technology’s application partners.

Why do we do it?

We firmly believe it's time to redefine the user computing experience.

How do we do it?

By creating next generation self-aware intelligent solutions that uniquely adapt to every situation in real time without user intervention.

What do we do?

We have the proven knowledge and know how to lead a competitive advantage over the rest with a ready to ship product.

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